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The legal team at the Jacksonville, FL Law Office of Charles B. Lembcke, P.A. represents individuals whose assets have been subjected to government seizure. Under Federal and Florida laws, if there exists probable cause to indicate that your property was used in a violation of the law, or was purchased with the proceeds of illegal activity, it can be seized by the government. Even if you were not charged with a crime, government agencies can seize your assets so long as there is a preponderance of evidence indicating that it meets the conditions of forfeiture. As a criminal and civil defense lawyer with over four decades of experience, attorney Charles B. Lembcke has reclaimed millions in seized assets and forfeiture funds for his clients. Call today to discuss your case with Mr. Lembcke.

Criminal Forfeiture under Federal and Florida laws

If your assets have been seized pursuant to a criminal arrest, no action will begin on forfeiture until the criminal matter has been resolved. Even if you win your criminal case, however, that does not necessarily mean that you are going to be able to reclaim forfeited assets. While your criminal defense attorney must demonstrate a reasonable doubt as to your guilt to secure your freedom, the civil lawyer who is defending the government agency’s action of seizing your assets must defend against a lower standard — the preponderance of evidence. That means that your lawyer has to establish more than doubt. That’s why it makes sense to retain the services of an attorney who is familiar with both the defense of individuals, as well as that of property—a lawyer like Charles B. Lembcke, P.A.

Civil Forfeiture under Federal and Florida laws

Even if you have not been arrested and no criminal charges are forthcoming, suspect assets may still be seized. In these cases, the civil forfeiture proceedings can begin without delay. You may learn about it upon the government’s seizure of the property or notices in local papers. Assets that are commonly seized by the government entities include:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Houses
  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Airplanes
  • High value personal items such as jewelry, furs, watches, et cetera
  • Collector items like art pieces
  • Gems and precious metals

Civil and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Federal and Florida cases

For over forty years attorney Charles B. Lembcke has been defending the rights of individuals in both criminal and civil actions. He understands that sometimes there is more at stake than winning an acquittal in a state or federal court.

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