Securities fraud is a serious charge that can result in civil and criminal consequences. Even if you’ve never been charged with or convicted of any crime, a first conviction can earn you a long prison sentence, or at least a number of hefty fines.

The government actively pursues stronger punishments for securities fraud. If you are facing securities fraud charges or are under an SEC investigation, make no mistake: you must have an attorney who knows securities law and criminal defense inside and out. Attorney Charles Lembcke is experienced at successfully defending individuals accused of all types of securities fraud.

The SEC can fully investigate:

  • When you made a suspicious trade
  • The amount of your investment
  • All relationships to anyone connected to any suspicious transaction
  • Home, mobile, and business phone records and messages
  • E-mail, text messages, and other electronic correspondence
  • Your personal trading record
  • Bank records
  • Personal and business calendars and schedules
  • All account statements

Insider Trading and Investment Fraud Defense

Florida Securities Fraud Lawyers

The Securities and Exchange Commission has sophisticated methods that can easily detect suspicious trading activity, and federal prosecutors will lean hard on anyone who is the subject of their investigations. If you want to refute the charges with an equally strong defense, you must have a fully competent defense lawyer. The securities fraud criminal attorneys of Charles B. Lembcke, P.A. know how to effectively counter government prosecutions and keep clients from further incrimination.

Based in Jacksonville, our experienced attorneys represent stock brokers and officers and directors of brokerage companies throughout Florida. We have had notable success in complex, high-profile criminal fraud cases, either defeating indictments at trial or securing favorable outcomes in the face of strong evidence. We are fully prepared respond to allegations of:

  • Insider trading
  • Conspiracy to commit securities fraud
  • Large-scale misrepresentation or embezzlement
  • Fraud-related obstruction of justice
  • Buying or selling securities not registered with the SEC (the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • Providing false statements or omitting facts from documents submitted to the SEC

In addition, we represent brokers and officers facing civil RICO charges or lawsuits from investors seeking financial restitution and substantial damages.

Speak to a Criminal Attorney … First and Fast.  Your ability to defend yourself against allegations of stock fraud and investment schemes gets far stronger if you have sound criminal legal counsel from the outset. Martha Stewart was not convicted of securities fraud, but of making false statements to prosecutors after she relied on the poor advice of her civil attorneys.

The more high-profile the allegation and the person, the harder it is not to say anything incriminating. As a former federal prosecutor, Charles Lembcke knows that every statement to investigators (or anyone else) can easily escalate into more devastating consequences to your case. We can advise you on whether to talk to investigators and how to avoid obstruction charges or indictment.

Attorney Charles Lembcke is a seasoned trial lawyer with over 25 years of combined experience in white collar criminal defense and appeals, including securities fraud. They regularly tackle complex cases involving thousands of documents and lengthy proceedings.

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Charles B. Lembcke has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America in the area of white collar criminal defense.

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