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Experienced Defense for Tax Fraud and Klein Conspiracy Charges

If you have been targeted by the IRS in connection with a tax fraud scheme or a conspiracy to evade taxes, the law firm of Charles B. Lembcke, P.A.provides the tax law credentials and proven defense strategies to challenge the government's case or minimize the consequences of conviction.

We have successfully defended corporate officers and directors, accountants and CPAs, and high net worth individuals charged with federal (or state) tax violations. Based in Jacksonville, we represent clients throughout Florida and beyond. Call (877) 355-5467 to discuss your case with a veteran criminal defense attorney.

We handle all criminal tax matters:

  • Individual tax fraud - filing false income tax returns, such as claiming fraudulent refunds or failing to file 1099 forms to declare non-wage income
  • Corporate tax fraud - diverting corporate income to avoid taxation
  • Tax evasion - failing to file returns
  • Tax conspiracy

Tax Fraud Prosecution and Defense

Tax evasion is easy to prove, and viable defenses are limited. But a charge of tax fraud requires proving intent to defraud. Many tax crimes are instead charged as a Klein conspiracy (conspiring to interfere with the government's tax collection), because of the lower burden of proof. Prosecutions often arise out of business and marital disputes — the former business partner or spouse informs the IRS about income funneled to offshore accounts or double sets of books to hide income. If that is the case, we rigorous challenge the motives and how the government obtained the alleged evidence.

Attorney Charles B. Lembcke brings over 35 years of criminal defense strategies to your case, and formerly served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Department of Justice fraud prosecutor. He routinely handles complex criminal cases and civil litigation that requires managing thousands of documents.

Attorney Lembcke will present a formidable defense at trial or negotiate the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Arrange a consultation immediately at (877) 355-5467 for a vigorous and capable defense


Charles B. Lembcke has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America in the area of white collar criminal defense.

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